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Case Study

The UK's Best Large Recruitment Agency

Operations Overhaul Client

The UK’s Best Large Recruitment Agency hired me during Q4 to streamline their processes ahead of the new year. Their back office processes were largely manual, resulting in an incredible amount of resources, so my role was to examine their structure and implement automated processes to save a significant amount of time and money. 

Streamlined Backoffice Process

Improved Sales and Backoffice Communication

Maximised Existing Technology


RE:STACK Optimized

To understand these processes thoroughly, I conducted an activity-based cost analysis for a variety of processes including DBS checks, credit control, credit checks, employee onboarding, employee offboarding and candidate references.


Through the analysis, we were able to identify which specific areas of the business were taking up a lot of resources in both time and money to complete, which we prioritised for improvement.


RE:STACK Results

We made recommendations to make this process quicker and less costly. 


An example: In the credit check process, a manual credit check was being done every time a new vacancy was provided. I proposed that we set up every client on a monitoring service, eliminating the need for regular manual checks. Now, when there’s a new client, they are checked and monitored so we get alerted if a change to their credit is made. This significantly reduced the amount of time spent by the team. The Technology was already available to them, it just wasn’t being utilised.


We have also looked into the gaps and areas of improvement needed between the back office team and sales team to ensure that the entire end-to-end process can be completed in a collaborative way. 

On top of this, I discovered a couple of elements within the company’s tech stack that required improvement to get the results they needed. I collated this data and presented it to the suppliers. Together we were able to come up with viable options and ideas to overcome these issues so that my client could have the results they needed from their technology. We also gave the supplier more insights into how the setup worked for the business.

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