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Case Study

A Boutique Agency

RecOps Alingment Client

A small recruitment agency hired me for an intensive deep dive session. They wanted to identify how they could increase more placements and were keen to know what sort of data they should be measuring.

Provided 45 Action Points To Implement

CRM Full Audit

Mapped Out Candidate and Customer Journey


RE:STACK Optimized

I ran an intensive deep dive session into all the areas of the business they were struggling with in order to make the company more efficient and help them achieve their growth goals. 


We discussed employee training, commission schemes and everything in between. I explored the process for what happens when a vacancy is added to the system and identified a few bottlenecks, then created a solution to significantly improve the hiring process. This client was doing amazing work in the lead generation space, but their CRM wasn’t quite supporting them in some elements. This has been overcome by providing practical tips on how they can navigate their CRM better.


RE:STACK Results

By the end of the deep dive we had 45+ points that the client could use. There was only one piece of technology (a <£40/month software) that I suggested they add to their tech stack. Everything else was already in their business which they could immediately start implementing to achieve their goals. 


Beyond the session, I kept close contact with the Client and we have booked in further adhoc sessions to work and develop all these existing points.

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