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Case Study

IT Recruitment Specialist

Long-Term Returning Client

An IT recruitment specialist (whom I had worked with previously) hired RE:STACK on a long term basis to optimise their processes. They were specifically interested in business development and generating more leads. 

Increased Linkedin Recruiter ROI by 403%

Reduced job board spend by £15,000

Increased CRM-sourced placements by 65.5%


RE:STACK Optimized

I worked closely with all members of the team, from Recruitment Consultants through to the Finance Director, Marketing Advisor and CEO. I was also responsible for supplier liaison and negotiations, I worked closely with the suppliers to understand best practice, training requirements and ROI reporting. Assessing how they were initially using Bullhorn analytics suite, I identified adjustments and processes to enable everyone to make the correct and informed data driven decisions. 

I provided intensive LinkedIn training for the recruitment consultants on how to optimise all stages of their process.

I trained the team in Bullhorn automation and Analytics using interactive sessions where we mapped the entire end-to-end candidate and client processes to identify opportunities for improvement.

I also performed extensive technology and process mapping to identify how features including Cloud Call, Bullhorn Analytics, Bullhorn Automation and the job boards that they had access to were being utilised.


RE:STACK Results

My LinkedIn training educated the recruitment consultants in how to rapidly improve their email acceptance rate, write attractive job adverts and conduct thorough job searches using LinkedIn Recruiter. Over a 12 month period we increased Linkedin Recruiter ROI by 403%.

I was able to identify several gaps in the company’s use of Bullhorn automation, Bullhorn analytics, Cloud Call and job boards. Working closely with all areas of the business, I actioned ways to fill those gaps efficiently by completing and making relevant automations. This meant that not only was the spend on job boards reduced by £15,000, the number of placements sourced by the CRM increased by 65.5%.

Every member of the team gained a deeper understanding of their processes, and the technology available to them. Each person received actionable points to incorporate in their daily tasks that save time and improve results. 

New processes were able to save the Operations team 15 hours per week, enabling them to direct their attention to more valuable tasks within the business.

Plus all action points and suggestions  involved software the company already had access to, so no additional software needed to be purchased. 

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