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Case Study

Finance Recruitment Agency

Bullhorn Forward Client

I recently completed a 6 month project with a large finance-based recruitment agency. 


I was amazed to see how much this company is relying on Bullhorn to source all of their candidates. The majority of clients I work with go straight to Linkedin and forget they have a whole wealth of candidates in front of them.

Full Business Training on Bullhorn

Bespoke Training on LinkedIn Recruiter

Creation Of A Bullhorn First Culture


RE:STACK Optimized

 I noticed a flaw in their process where over 50% of all candidates within their CRM had no skill coded to them at all, so when the sales team are searching for that perfect person, a large number of candidates were being overlooked and not appearing in the search. 


I found similar processing errors where CVs were not being parsed correctly, so essential candidate data was missing, which again meant the right candidates weren’t appearing in searches. I provided a quick and easy resolution for this using their existing technology to solve this issue.


This in turn meant that the business couldn’t confirm how much money had been made for them via every single candidate source. This needed to be overcome quickly, as there were renewals coming up. We dedicated time and resources to building out the data and analysis surrounding the GP and placement sources, leading us to make data-driven decisions off the back of the ROI and the results that the job boards are providing for the client. 


I identified processes that could be handled more accurately and efficiently using software they already had access to.

Over the coming months, I will be delivering personalised training to upscale the sales team and managers on the end-to-end Bullhorn process as well as the back office team who have never had formal training on Bullhorn. The end goal of the project is to ensure everyone in that business is putting Bullhorn first.


RE:STACK Results

Compliance is often an issue when it comes to back office time spent. The business had a great contractor timesheet system but it wasn’t connected to Bullhorn. Using an Activity-based costing method, we established that it was taking an admin person 15 hours a week to process and get candidates on the system. Originally my Client thought that an API integration would be too expensive, however, once we did this process we agreed that over the course of 3 months, we would recoup costs and the API paying for itself. I will be overseeing this to ensure the implementation is working well. 

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