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Maximising Recruitment Technology

Future-Proof Your Agency


The key to your competitive advantage isn’t adding to your tech stack: it's optimising it. 

Most recruitment agencies focus on acquiring industry-leading technologies – but fail to properly integrate them. This results in tech silos that drain resources and waste time. 

By seamlessly integrating your existing technologies I empower your team to work more efficiently, effectively, and profitably. By bridging the gaps in your reporting system, I give you superior insight into the best placements and help you to plan more accurately. 

A small investment in my services results in a high-performance and high-purpose team producing maximum output for your agency.

Take your business to the next level with tech stack optimisation.

10 Advantages Of Working With RE:STACK

Enjoy expert advice and measurable results – without hiring another employee.
Increased ROI On Tech Stack
Win High Quality Clients
Locate Untapped Candidate Pools
Higher Performing Teams
Increased Daily Efficiency
Shorter Time To Book From New Employees
Improved Candidate Journey From "Hello To Hire”
Fresh Perspective & Impartial Feedback
Tailored Training On Industry-Leading Technologies
Superior L&D For New & Experienced Starters


Hi, I’m Holly, Founder & Optimiser at RE:STACK

With years of Recruitment Ops Management experience maximising ROI and optimising recruitment technology tools, I’ve learned that it’s less about what tech you have and more about how you use it. 


I created RE:STACK to save you time and money by leveraging your current technology to its fullest potential. 


In other words, I make your tech stack pay for itself.


Whether you're looking to win more clients, streamline your operations, train a high-performance team, or increase your revenue, I help you optimise your recruitment agency for success!

Holly Langley Portrait Photograph
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