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Holly's changing the game!! Most courses like this cost £500+ and are a waste of time and money. This is the best priced, most effective recruitment masterclass on the market. Unbeatable Value!

Masterclass: Operations Optimised 

24th & 25th July. 2 x 2 hour sessions for just £99+ VAT. Limited spots left!

A Single 15-Min Setup Can Save Your Ops Team 10+ Hours A Week.


Time is money - just imagine what your team could do with 10 more hours each week. 


Join me for a 2 day, 2 hour workshop to revolutionize the way your ops team work. We’ll create processes, solutions, and innovative ideas to make your Tech, Ops Team and Overall Business more Impactful, Effective and Optimized.

Holly Langley

✔️ Discover the hidden potential of your recruitment technology and unlock unprecedented success.

✔️ Take control of your recruitment process with proven strategies and make your technology work wonders for you.

✔️ Escape the overwhelm.

✔️ Unleash the untapped possibilities of your technology and revolutionize your recruitment efforts.

✔️ Optimize your recruitment technology like never before and achieve unparalleled results.

What if your role could be less stressful? (spoiler alert: It can be!)


You’ll receive the proven formula to get your Recruitment technology operating seamlessly, optimising tasks to free you and your team up, whilst growing your business and revenue.
No more experimenting, risking, or hoping.


Start harnessing the true power of your recruitment technology!

£99, 4 hours, Unprecedented Success

Wednesday 24th July

Master Your Recruitment Technology

Never Have A Bad Implementation Again

Thursday 25th July

Sales Enablement=
Business Growth

Discover New Ways To Work

  • 4 hours of training specifically on Recruitment Ops

  • Meaningful daily tasks that will have you taking action to become highly optimised

  • Live 1:1 support via Whatsapp with Holly throughout the Masterclass

  • FREE access to a Software Management Trello board, giving you all the information to make sure your next implementation a success

  • Too many “aha!” moments to count

  • A lot of over-delivering… Because that’s how I roll!

Join Holly Langley for this hands-on Masterclass created specifically for Recruitment Operations professionals.


Each day we will cover a different topic. You’ll get ideas, tools, and action points to implement immediately within your business to see an increase in stats and ROI and the dream: Optimised Operations. BTW… I love giving you more than you bargain for, so expect a whole bunch of extra goodness! 

Four hours to get your Recruitment Operations Team working highly effectively.

It’s high energy, packed with info, and a whole lot of fun. 

It doesn't need to be complicated!

Yup, It’s True.Here’s How…

It's taken me years to work out how to run a high-performing Ops Team, as there was no training out there dedicated to Recruitment Operations (which as you know is a very unique and varied role!).

You know how there is so much recruitment technology out there, how do you know what will be with the best one? AND how do you implement this so it’s successful for your business? I know that’s what it was like for me. I wasted so much money and so much time trying to find the solution. So I created the solution, even though it cost me around £40,000 to figure this out! (eeeek!!)

The word quickly got out and Recruitment Agencies wanted to know the secrets to making this happen for themselves too. That's why I created this Masterclass so you can have the solution so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did, not only will learn from me, but IMPLEMENT and OPTIMISE with me...


I'm so confident this works, if you haven't got clearer processes and new ideas by the end of the 4 days, I'll refund your money.

Are you ready?

Let’s Show You How We Do This In a 4-Hour Workshop

Here’s How Recruitment Operations Teams are unlocking the full potential of technology, are discovering new ways of working, and are becoming unstoppable

Recruitment Operations Growth
Recruitment Operations Time
Recruitment Operations Money


Unlock the full potential of your technology

Recruitment Operations Graph


Discover new ways of working

Recruitment Operations Technology


Prevent future costly errors

Recruitment Operations LinkedIn




Launch accountability and ensure processes get followed

Upskill yourself and others

Network with other Recruitment Operations professionals

The A's for your FAQ's

What's the 4-hour workshop going to focus on?

Glad you asked! In about 1 hour per day over 4 days, we'll work together to give knowledge, ideas, tools, and action points to implement within your business that very day to see an increase in stats and ROI and the dream: to achieve your goals fast.

How do I know it's for me?

This hands-on workshop is for you if you are...

  • Feeling overwhelmed by your recruitment technology...

  • Unsure if your technology is being maximised...

  • Lacking proper training from the tech providers..

  • Not sure how to successfully implement new software you feel might increase revenue...

  • Responsible for getting the most out of your recruitment technology despite having another million and one things to do?

  • Trying to make your role less stressful 

  • Keen for the technology to work for you? Not you for it!

  • Working in Recruitment Operations (love it or hate it- either is good!)

What format is the workshop going to be taught?

Training is 1 hour each day and is fully interactive so you can follow along with me to get results FAST and start turning your Recruitment Operations into a GROWTH WEAPON!

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. I think you'll get more out of the workshop (and have more fun) if you are actively involved and following along. That means turning off distractions (bye-bye LinkedIn and Teams) and putting in the work for about 60 minutes each day for 4 days.

Does my location matter?

Anyone can join the workshop. That said, most of the workshop is based on best practices in the U.K.

Do I have to have lots of experience in recruitment operations?

Nope, not at all! The good news this workshop is suitable for any Recruitment Ops Professional no matter their experience. 

Sign Up Today To Streamline Your Processes

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