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How Much Does Technology and Processes Improvement Cost?

The decision to engage a consultant to review your tech stack and processes is more than an expense—it's a strategic investment towards operational excellence and competitive advantage. This newsletter is a comprehensive guide to navigating through the costs, scope, and benefits of taking on this person within your business.

Fresh Perspective

The unique value of a consultant lies in their fresh perspective and impartiality. This external viewpoint allows them to provide thorough feedback and innovative ideas without the biases that internal team members might have. Their expertise in identifying inefficiencies and proposing optimizations can lead to significant cost savings and enhanced ROI.

Understanding the Investment

There is a variety of billing models that the Consultant may choose, some offer hourly rates, others provide day rates or even project-based fees. As for the cost itself, these vary dramatically depending on the person or company providing the work, and there are companies out there that charge thousands of pounds per day for their expertise.

When doing tech stack and process improvement work via RE:STACK my rates start from £99 per hour and I can also offer a discount for Clients who book long-term or regular work. My flexibility accommodates various project scopes and budgets, ensuring that services can be tailored to the specific needs of each Client.

The Scope of Review

A thorough review prior to the work starting out should cover all the main areas such as sales enablement, back office functions, business development processes, current technology configuration, upcoming changes and the business structure. Identifying and prioritizing these areas based on urgency and impact is crucial. A consultant's expertise can pinpoint inefficiencies and propose optimizations, leading to significant cost savings and enhanced ROI.

The Importance of Specialists

Given the complexity of each business's unique processes and the competitive nature of the industry, consultants specialising in this field bring invaluable insights. Consultants from outside the industry will not have the same ideas, suggestions and experience relevant to your ever-changing industry. My background is in recruitment operations, which means I only work with Clients who are in recruitment and talent, as I have the specific knowledge and skills to navigate recruitment tech and processes seamlessly with amazing results.

A key aspect of selecting the right consultant is their experience with your specific technology. This expertise ensures they can hit the ground running, saving time and money by leveraging their familiarity with the tools you use.

The Return on Investment

While the initial outlay for consulting services may seem substantial, it's essential to view this as an investment. The enhancements and efficiencies gained from a well-optimized tech stack and streamlined processes can quickly offset the consultancy costs. Moreover, these improvements can lead to sustained revenue growth and a stronger competitive edge, leading to increasing the overall value of the business.

To make sure you get the results you need, consider putting goals, targets or measurables in place to work towards both during the project and after completion. 


Most importantly, consultants adapt to fit within the culture of your business, making sure that a seamless integration with your team is seamless. This cultural fit is crucial for the duration of the project, whether it’s a short-term engagement or a longer-term transformation, allowing them to provide insights that are not only valuable but also actionable within the specific context of your business.

Investing in a consultant for a tech stack and process review should be a key strategic move for any business looking to grow and master this rapidly changing industry. By carefully selecting a consultant based on their billing model, expertise, and the scope of review, agencies can expect not only to recoup their investment but also to achieve significant operational and financial gains.

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