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How to Make Your Job Description Appeal to Female Applicants

Updated: Apr 6

The Recruitment Industry Needs More Women!

The APSCo 2021 women in recruitment benchmarking report states in 2020 two-fifths of recruitment agencies had more than a 50% representation of women, but the latest data indicates that this has dropped to a third.

How to Make Your Job Advert Appeal to Women

There are numerous things that companies can do to help make their job adverts more attractive to female applicants.

5 Ways to Make Your Job Description More Attractive to Females

1. Showcase your efforts

If you want to be a company that encourages and promotes diversity, make it obvious! Make your diversity policy accessible to all by showcasing on your website and social media what you are already doing towards this! If you have successful women in your organisation already, share their journeys and success for others to see and aspire to. This will set you apart from competitors and will make your company a desirable place to be!

2. Minimise essential requirements

Unfortunately, many women still lack the confidence to apply for a job if they don’t meet all of the criteria, and some job adverts include a long list of ‘essential requirements. Why not only include the actual essential requirements needed for the role and highlight what sort of person you’re looking for.

3. Culture is key

Not everyone wants to be in a play hard boozy recruitment culture, with the expectation for employees to be working long hours followed by beers on a Friday evening. If you have a hybrid or flexible working policy, be sure to share this in your job advert showcasing that you are a recruitment company that will enable women to successfully balance their work and family life.

4. Choose your words wisely

The choice of language in your job description is pretty key. Using gender-neutral language can increase the number of female applicants. Swap masculine words such as ambitious, decisive and headstrong for feminine words such as committed, honest and responsive. Resources such as Gender Decoder can help you with this.

5. Detail relevant benefits

More and more recruitment companies are offering benefits such as enhanced pensions, healthcare plans and childcare vouchers. Remember to include any benefits you do offer to help your company stand out and get more applicants. Also be sure to include the salary in your job description all job seekers will appreciate your transparency.

Let’s come together as an industry and use these steps and help attract more women into the recruitment industry and recruitment businesses!

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