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Stop Try To Grow Your Recruitment Business With Paid AI Tools

Updated: Apr 6

People are rushing to spend large amounts of money on all the newest and greatest AI tools for their recruitment business BUT they are failing to get the results they need.

Let me tell you why.

A couple of weeks ago a Recruitment Operations Manager rang me and said ‘The CEO needs us to invest in AI, what should I buy?' Then just yesterday, I got a LinkedIn message from a recruitment agency owner saying ‘Hi Holly, we’ve just laid out our targets for 2024 and we are going to need to improve the number of leads our recruitment business gets. What AI tool will help me with this?'

So they’ve got the right idea, AI is 100% the way forward BUT they aren’t going about this in the right way.

Acquiring the latest and greatest AI tools might seem like a solution, but it poses several challenges. It is expensive, difficult to integrate with your existing technology, requires extensive training for the team, and does not guarantee user adoption. Also, fitting new products into established recruitment processes and workflows can be a tricky task, that never gets done as fully as it should

So there is no benefit to buying new AI tech right now.

BUT there is a solution.

Rather than buying new technology, pick up the phone to every single technology provider that is already supplying into your business and instead ask them what AI features they are bringing to the platform in the next 12 months. If you can get a roadmap from them detailing everything, even better.

This way it’s not going to cost you any more as the AI will already be integrated into your existing tech. You will have existing account managers who already know your business and can support you on how to make the most of the product.

Finally, you and your team will already have a great knowledge of this product, so poor usage and uptake shouldn’t be an issue. This approach increases the potential of AI within your current business and recruitment framework, setting the stage for exponential growth and increased revenue.

If you want to bring AI into your recruitment business, utilising your existing suppliers to get the AI tools you need is the only way forward.

BUT it doesn’t stop there, if you can combine AI and Automation then WOW.

Just WOW!

This combination is the way to 10X your recruitment business right now, so stop reading this newsletter and go and watch this video on 5 simple ways to automate your recruitment process. ⬇️

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