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The Best Recruitment Tool

Updated: Apr 6

I shared this tool with one of my clients since then their placements have increased by 65% they've had more candidates and clients approaching them and their time to fill has decreased by 42% and they couldn't believe just how simple this was!

Let's debunk the myth that success in recruitment is solely tied to expensive tools. In fact, the ultimate tool is often something unique to each business.

How To Use This Free Tool

1) The first step is to map out your entire recruitment process, from client and candidate onboarding to post-placement care. Literally write down every single step, the more details you can include a this point the better. Grab a whiteboard, some Post-it notes, or even use Visio to document the entire recruitment journey. This involves understanding your clients, candidates, and the complete lifecycle of a placement. By visually representing your processes, you gain a comprehensive overview of your operations.

2) Use different colours to highlight areas that could be optimized or improved. One client, for example, realized a gap in post-placement support, leading to a high number of rebates. Identifying this allowed us to implement solutions like weekly check-ins and automation, reducing rebates by a whopping 75%.

3) Once you've pinpointed areas for improvement, brainstorm and implement solutions. Enhancing aftercare through regular check-ins and automated messages significantly improved client and candidate satisfaction. Tailoring your solutions to fit your business's unique needs is key.

4) Repeat this entire process every quarter, to ensure that your recruitment agency is always improving and will give your clients and candidates the best experience possible.

Process mapping isn't just about improving existing processes; it can also help you discover new business strategies. Another of my clients identified a gap in their new client/ business development strategy. By creating an omni-channel recruitment approach incorporating marketing, social media, email campaigns, text messages, phone calls, and meetings, they experienced a surge in new business calls and leads, which are now turning into interviews, placements and repeat business.

If you're looking to optimize your recruitment business, start by mapping your processes. It's a simple yet powerful tool that can revolutionize your operations. Don't forget to check out my video on one of the best tools on LinkedIn for winning new clients.

The success stories shared here highlight the transformative power of process mapping in recruitment. By understanding and enhancing every step of the recruitment journey, businesses can experience increased placements, improved client and candidate satisfaction, and a surge in new business opportunities.

Now is the time to take action and grow your recruitment business for success. Subscribe to my newsletter for more world-class recruitment optimization tips because now is the time to RE:STACK.

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