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The CORRECT LinkedIn Settings - UPDATED For 2024

Updated: Apr 6

LinkedIn is amazing...but you're probably doing it all wrong so if you want to 10x your network and Linkedin results in 2024 I'm going to show you all the settings that you need.

I've broken this down into five simple steps that are really easy for you to follow but if you really want to navigate and understand the true power of LinkedIn then stay tuned for this awesome bonus step as well that's going to get you the results.

Step 1: Perfect Your Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the first impression you make on LinkedIn, akin to a job interview. Ensure it's a true representation of yourself and is professional. Learn how to create a clean, professional photo using tools like Canva. Tailor your image to your niche and brand colors, presenting yourself as a dedicated professional.

Step 2: Showcase Your Website

Make it easy for people to discover more about you by adding your website or relevant links. Whether it's a blog, newsletter, or your YouTube channel, choose elements that align with your target audience's interests. You could even provide a link to your CV! Keep it simple and tailored to make a lasting impression. 

Step 3: Treat LinkedIn As A Modern-Day CV

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a modern-day CV, highlighting your relevant experiences and skills. Avoid overwhelming your network with unnecessary details (e.g. that job you had when you were 14!) and focus on what matters most in your current niche. Personalize your content to stand out and begin building your personal brand.

Step 4: Set Notifications for Key Leads

Take advantage of the "notify" feature to stay updated when specific leads or hiring managers post on LinkedIn. Once you get notified this becomes an opportunity to engage with their content, ask questions, and initiate conversations to get on their radar. This strategic approach can help you build meaningful relationships in your industry, and hardly anyone is doing this right now!

Step 5: Feature Your Most Relevant Posts

 Use LinkedIn's feature option to highlight your top work, articles, or recent posts. Keep this section fresh and relevant by updating it every two months. This not only showcases your expertise but also ensures that visitors see dynamic content, keeping them engaged and informed.

Bonus Step: Become a LinkedIn Top Voice

Unlock the ultimate LinkedIn achievement by becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice. This coveted badge can significantly elevate your profile, leading to exclusive events and a surge in leads. Watch my video guide on how to attain this badge in 5 simple steps and position yourself as a thought leader in your space.

By implementing these five steps and embracing the bonus point, you'll transform your LinkedIn profile into a powerful tool for networking and professional growth. Remember, consistency and relevance are key on this platform. 

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