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This Mistake Costs Recruiters Millions Of Pounds

Every year, I see millions of pounds being wasted in the recruitment industry due to a simple yet avoidable mistake.

By addressing the transactional nature of recruitment and focusing on sustained candidate and client support, will reduce rebates, minimise dropouts, and enhance the overall success of your recruitment business.

Here are my 4 quick, free and simple tips to creating a post-placement process that keeps your candidates and clients happy.

Step 1: Consistent Communication- It's really important to have of regular communication with both candidates and clients from the placement day until the end of the rebate. I suggest check-ins on day one, day three, the end of week one, and weekly after that. While this may seem a bit over the top, I argue that issues can escalate quickly, making regular communication essential. Additionally, these interactions provide opportunities to gather leads and referrals, contributing to overall business growth.

Step 2: Choose the Right Communication Strategy- Tailoring the communication strategy to clients and candidates is crucial. Whether through automation, email, SMS, or phone calls, understanding what works best for your unique circumstances is key. I highly suggest phone calls when possible, as they allow for open discussions and a more personal touch. Using automation for reminders and follow-ups can streamline the process and ensure timely communication, meaning your consultants have no excuse as to why this wasn't done!

Step 3: Establish a Process for Concerns and Issues- To address potential issues, I recommend having a quick look to analyse some past rebates and dropouts to identify if there are any recurring issues. Ensure your consultants are adequately trained to handle problems that may arise during the rebate or assignment period. This proactive approach helps prevent minor issues from evolving into larger complications.

Step 4: Cultivate Accountability- The success of the post-placement process relies on accountability within the team. I suggest implementing a dedicated time slot each week for consultants to conduct check-ins and follow-ups collectively. This forms a sense of accountability, ensuring that every team member actively participates in the post-placement process. Whether using automation or manual check-ins, accountability is crucial for the success of this initiative.

Implementing a robust post-placement process is not just a checkbox on your to-do list; it's a fundamental aspect that should be used in your recruitment business.

Don't forget to share this process with your clients and candidates, it enhances their experience and ensures that you will be offering support and guidance through the process.

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