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Why Company Culture is Like A Lasagne...

Updated: Apr 6


First, you want to choose the best dish possible for your lasagne. Ideally a transparent one so you can see all the delicious layers. When it comes to culture, this dish is what’s holding your company together and drives it to success. Your company’s vision, mission and values should underpin every decision that you and your employees make.

Step 1- The Basics

The rich ragu sauce (vegetarian and vegan options also available!) is the basis for a good lasagne, but with the wrong measurements or too little seasoning, the lasagne will be ruined!

Companies need to get the basics right before they do anything else. Employees are the most vital assets of any organisation, so value each staff member, put their feedback into action, be inclusive, have a bright and well-equipped office, and provide the tools and techniques that everyone needs for success. Valuing all employees and taking time to build great relationships with them is so important. If businesses are able to do this with their employees, then I believe all other metrics will show significant improvements over time.

This is the starting point for your culture, similar to a ragu, this isn’t going to happen instantly but get the basics right and over time, this will all begin to come together and develop.

Step 2- Opportunity

Next the pasta sheets, (that never quite seem to fit exactly into your serving dish!). This is the stepping stone and opportunity for your cheese sauce. Without it, you’ll just have a tomatoey cheesy gloop. Supplying a stepping stone and opportunity for your staff to grow and develop is essential. Provide your employees with role models, regular learning and development and training throughout their time with you, to aid their success and your business growth.

Step 3- Value

The cheese sauce. Now here’s the fun bit! As decadent and calorific as you want, this is the bit that takes the dish from good to GREAT. Not everything has to be costly or complicated. Just like a standard cheddar cheese sauce does the trick, some really simple things can be done to take your culture from good to AWESOME. This could be by celebrating employees' birthdays or anniversaries, having office dogs, complimentary employee breakfast, regular incentives, a clear progression plan, providing health care benefits or offering flexible/ working. Show your employees you value them and their place within the business, in whatever way you can.

Step 4- Balance

Business owners and leaders - it’s down to you to put the oven at the right temperature. Not enough heat, motivation and drive and you’ll never achieve your goals. With too much, your employees will burn out. Balance here is key.

Step 5- Results

The creation of company culture and a homemade lasagne isn’t instant, but when you take the time, put in the effort and get each element right, the end result is bloody great!

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