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Bullhorn Forward

Every recruitment agency uses Bullhorn in a unique way therefore every project is tailored to our Client's business goals, technology and business set up.


Choose the option below that sounds right for you and we’ll give you an idea of what to expect from your RE:STACK project…

This is perfect if you:

> Are an established recruitment agency. 

> Want to maximise ROI on your Bullhorn investment. 

> Want your team to spend more time billing and less doing admin.

You’ll get:

> A full audit of your current Bullhorn setup and usage. 

> Expert-led training to help you create a Bullhorn-first culture.

> A comprehensive report that maximises ROI with prioritised action steps. 

…and more!

We’ll help you:

> Build and execute a roadmap for getting the most out of Bullhorn. 

> Train your Sales, Management, and Ops team for success. 

> Streamline new hire Bullhorn onboarding and setup. 

Your Investment

> Prices start from £4,999.

> 6-12 week project.

Office Setup

Case Study

I recently completed a 6 month project with a large finance based recruitment agency. 


I noticed a flaw in their process where over 50% of all candidates within their CRM had no skill coded to them at all, so when the sales team are searching for that perfect person, a large number of candidates were being overlooked and not appearing in the search. 

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